Best Film Ever

Episode 47 - Wonder Woman

January 5, 2021

"We're headed to the front. We're probably going to die. This is a terrible idea!" - Is this a quote from the movie or one of the panellists after watching this film? This week we're headed back to WWI for the shining jewel in the DCEU's tarnished crown in Wonder Woman. Join your favourite TransAtlantic podcasting crew – Ian, Liam, Ellie, and Georgia as we go to war with a God in our 47th episode as we discuss:

  • Patty Jenkins past with Marvel before jumping to DC
  • The difference between being a movie star and a good actor
  • Sexualisation, Objectification, and who speaks on behalf of a demographic
  • How important is representation in a film?  Does it cover all manner of sins?
  • How important are the secondary characters in this film?
  • Is David Thewlis capable of being threatening
  • Should Robin Wright just give up on doing other accents?
  • Is Diana's ultimate reveal some of the laziest writing in a film we've seen to this point?
  • What do we expect from a Comic Book movie?  Did Iron Man ruin everything?
  • Is there a stupider name for a weapon than 'god-killer'?
  • Whether or not Wonder Woman is the Best Film Ever

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